Front Cover ImageTitle: Top 10 cost-saving benefits IT Managers should be getting from ITSM

Simplisys will be publishing a series of ITSM Briefing Guides that highlight key issues within the ITSM market. The first of these looks at the key benefits that modern ITSM solutions, such as Simplisys Service Desk, should be providing. Many of these benefits, such as a wide array of reports, business rules and workflow integration, themed self-service and many more are built in to the system and are available ‘out-of-the-box’. Built around the principle of ‘configuration not customisation’, modern service desk solutions deliver IT cost savings combined with efficiency improvements throuughout the organisation ensuring that rapid return on investment is achieved.

Commenting on the reasons for publishing the ITSM Briefing Guides, Peter Lench, MD of Simplisys Limited, commented: “The capabilities built into modern ITSM solutions like ours, combined with their availability as Cloud-based managed services, means that organisations struggling on with outdated, expensive legacy systems would actually find that they could save money by upgrading to a modern system with all this functionality built in. Hopefully, the series of Briefing Guides we will be publishing will help IT Managers to assess whether it is worth investing further in their legacy systems.”

The Briefing Guide can be downloaded here.

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