Simplisys Ltd acknowledges the existence and inherent criticality associated with the use of the Apache log4j logging framework. Consequentially, we would like to reassure our customers who are using Simplisys web-based services that the log4j vulnerability does not impact the quality of our service nor the data integrity, or the client’s privacy.

Simplisys web based services are Microsoft centric, hosted on Microsoft servers in our UK data centre, moreover our application is developed using the Microsoft technology stack with Microsoft SQL server. Because the Apache log4j vulnerability is based on the Java development language and Simplisys does not use Java in any areas, we can be assured that no clients are affected by the Log4J vulnerability.

It should be noted that to mitigate the risk from all security vulnerabilities Simplisys applies all Microsoft Security Patches to the Hosting servers within 4 weeks of release. Please review Simplisys Security Policy.