We are excited to be getting ever closer to enabling true Enterprise Service Management (ESM) for small and medium sized businesses with a our new ‘state of the art’ ESM Solution – the new application enables businesses to set Service Delivery and Service Management at the core of the Enterprise.

Designed using the latest cloud technologies and taking feedback from existing customers, Simplisys has developed an easily configurable User Interface (UI) delivering out of this world User Experience (UX) with many unique features. Additionally the system comes with OOTB integrations with common business tools like MS365, AD, Google Mail, Power BI, Intune, MS Nav to name a but a few and a plan to extend the range in future releases and our Public APIs are available to customers to develop specific bespoke integrations as required.

Simplisys recognises that all successful businesses have to adopt and adapt to market forces and have developed a platform that facilitates change and is designed to grow with your business.

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