Simplisys is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of its new Service Management solution, which the development team at Simplisys have spent over 12 months developing thus far. The new platform utilises the latest Cloud technologies, is fully mobile friendly and delivered with a range of OOTB integrations with key business tools like Teams, AD, 365, Power BI etc. also includes a series of public APIs. Peter Lench (CEO) said “this is obviously an ongoing project, the exciting part for me is the the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ease of integration with third party tools that really sets our new offering apart from the competition.”

The new service desk is yet to earn a brand name, any ideas are welcome. Suffice to say if your business wants to grow by placing technology at the hub of the business please contact Simplisys by sending an email to or fill in the form on the web site to see a demo.