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ServiceDesk Version 5.3 just released

We are pleased to announce that version 5.3 of our multi award winning service desk is live for our private cloud customers and also available to all onsite installations FOC. Please contact Steve Payton on 01275 240500 to schedule your onsite upgrade.

Top 10 Benefits of a Structured ITSM Solution.

Introduction The key to actually achieving cost savings is to engage with a system that is designed specifically to address the issues faced in your kind of organisation; one that does all of the core service and IT management functions exceptionally well and does not require a change in culture to run. Moreover a system […]

Simplisys should be your ITSM vendor of choice.

Market leader in total cost of ownership and Implementation times. Implementations can be done in as little as one week. Zero to hero in 7 days! Ready to run ‘Out of the Box’ with simple intuitive administration features. No need for expensive consultancy to get you up and running. Enable additional features as required, no […]

Simplisys – Version 5.1.0 coming soon

The latest version of our multi award winning Service Desk software is about to be released to SaaS customers. The new features extend the Enterprise functions and allow Group email templates to be created. The functionality is easy to use and follows the Simply Smart product development ethos. Peter Lench founding Director at Simplisys said […]

Are Employees as Important as Customers?

Introduction What is an Enterprise Service Desk and do you need one? How often have you heard executives expose “Our people are our most valuable resource” or “What makes this company great is its employees” are these flippant statements or real beliefs that are carefully managed to form an intrinsic part of the culture, woven […]

Service Desk – Discover the route to your hidden treasure and ITSM mastery

Introduction Did you know the results of a recent survey revealed 85% improvement in staff productivity, allowing the business to become more competitive as a direct result of an effective ITSM strategy. Is this your experience? Are you getting the most out of your Service Desk software? Probably not, because one of the valuable resources […]

Proactive Helpdesk Software vs Reactive Helpdesk

Introduction to Proactive Helpdesk Software What is Proactive Helpdesk Software and why do you need it? Demands on IT differ from organisation to organisation and the truth is a proactive IT helpdesk solution is not necessarily needed if you are happy for the IT department to continue functioning in a reactive way. That is responding to […]

Simplisys Service Desk Passes ISO9001 Audit with flying colours

Simplisys Passes its ISO9001 Audit carried out by CQS Limited. The Team at Simplisys are proud to announce that once again their commitment to high quality has been recognised. The ISO9001 certification forms part of our commitment to continued improvement in processes and procedures. The annual audit was done to ensure we are continually at […]

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