It can be very difficult for entrepreneurs to separate their home and work lives, but it’s essential to strike a good work-life balance if you don’t want to burn out. An exhausted worker simply isn’t productive – and when you run your own business, this can have a real impact on your bottom line.

However, it seems that many people don’t realise just how important it is to take a break from work every now and then. New research from Lloyds Bank has found that 30 per cent of new business owners haven’t had a holiday in more than two years, while 34 per cent of those who run a start-up admit that they don’t have a trip planned this year or beyond.

Entrepreneurs seem to really struggle with managing their work-life balance, working 57 hours in a normal week on average – 20 hours more than the typical employee in the UK.

“Many entrepreneurs make the leap into business ownership full of promise for more control and flexibility – getting away from a 9-5 desk existence. Being your own boss delivers countless benefits, but the responsibility that comes with it can make it harder to switch off and go on holiday. This drive and determination is the lifeblood of start-ups, but it’s important to seek out ways of getting support to allow you to take a break,” managing director of Lloyds Bank retail business banking Jo Harris said.

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