Technology Award

The 2015 Technology Innovator Awards highlight the individuals behind ground-breaking developments in technology, and through our prestigious awards process, we shine the spotlight on  cutting edge individuals, departments and firms who, through their commitment, experience and willingness to explore and take advantages of the opportunities presented, are developing and sharing the technology that will continue to enhance and fundamentally alter the business world for the better for many years to come.

Speaking about the awards, Awards Co-ordinator Laura Hunter said:

“It goes without saying that technology is continually improving and transforming both the business world and our everyday lives. With these awards, we get to go behind the scenes and honour the individuals whose innovation and excellence have paved the way for better products and services across their industry and beyond.”

Winners for these prestigious awards were chosen through a comprehensive process from Corporate Vision’s dedicated awards team. With such a rigorous system in place, all award winners were chosen purely on merit and can take pride in winning their award.

Peter Lench, on learning of the award said:

“It feels great to receive the award, particularly for the team who have worked tirelessly over recent years to design and deliver what is fast becoming the service desk application of choice.”

“I think it is important to be recognized for your work at all levels, however it is particularly rewarding at industry level as it says a lot about our organisations position among its peers.”