Gamification is a concept where your staff are incentivised, with the aim of improving performance, by introducing a ‘Game’ like element into work. The down side of this concept is that it can take too much time to manage and become a hindrance to busy working schedules Simplisys Service Desk has introduced a standard game that can be auto managed by scheduled reports called “Game of Spells”.

The game involves staff gaining, or losing, ‘Status’ points over the course of the month, rising up the rankings competing with their co-workers and themselves to gain the highest rank of ‘Mage’.

Each person rises up a rank table based on the calls, their status and number closed in and out of SLA in the month. Gaining points for closing calls in SLA with more points awarded for higher priority calls, and losing points if a call is closed out of its resolution SLA. As each individual gains more points and hits a trigger point he / she gains a higher rank in the Game. This provides a level of self-incentive to rise to the next rank!

A current ranking dashboard report gives real time feedback on everybody’s rankings within the game, inspiring them to do better than their coworkers and compete against themselves to hit the next rank!

The ‘Winner’ each month could additionally be potentially be rewarded with something more tangible than simply gaining the Highest rank or being the top point scorer in his / her team. It could be as simple as publishing IT Man of the Month/Year and/or winner could be incentivised by being allowed to leave early, how early will depend on the difference in points between first and second in minutes on a Friday. You can cut and dice rewards in many ways this introduces a fun element into the workplace as well as introducing competition in a ‘friendly’ not divisive way.
The game can be tailored, in the report generator, to amend the points calculation and the ‘rankings’.

Currently the points calculation is based on:

  • 1 point for each call closed in SLA
  • 5 Points for a P1 closed
  • 4 Points for a P2 closed
  • 2 Points for a P3 closed
  • 1 Point for a P4 closed
  • And subtract 10 points for each call closed out of SLA

The ‘Wizard’ rankings are a bit of fun and the ‘Ranks’ can obviously be changed as can the thresholds.

The current thresholds are as follows:

  • Below 5 – No ranking
  • 5 – 24 Spell Caster
  • 25 – 49 Warlock
  • 50 – 99 Wizard
  • 100 + Mage (Senior Wizard)

The report is called ‘Game of Spells – points awarded’, category Game. We have also published a ‘Month to date’ dashboard version that can be used in team meetings or used as instant feed back for the team on where they are in the rankings, thus incentivizing them to hit the next level!
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