Briefing Paper: Top 10 ITSM Benefits

Front Cover ImageA new breed of highly capable and very cost effective IT Service Management solutions are opening up new ways for IT Departments to manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently, drive down their IT service costs and greatly improve both customer service and satisfaction levels.

Calling on many years in the industry, Peter Lench, MD of Simplisys Limited and developer of Simplisys Service Desk has published the “Top 10 ITSM Cost-Saving Benefits” guide in order to highlight the key benefits that IT managers should be enjoying from their ITSM systems. Unfortunately, many are struggling on with legacy systems that not only fail to deliver useful reporting, management control and user-friendly interfaces but are also very expensive to maintain and even more to modify to your needs.

Please download this guide with our compliments and get in touch if you would like a no-obligation assessment of your current system and how Simplisys Service Desk could help to lower your IT service costs and improve your levels of customer service.

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Product Design

The service desk design brief was to develop a product that could underpin the working practices set out in ITIL but also be quickly and easily configured to support current or new working practices using existing terminology. Our approach to implementation is to work closely with our customers, understanding requirements and reasons for change and ensuring that projects exceed expectations.