Security Incident Management

Maintaining security of your data, particularly personal data, is an issue that has been with us for many years. The Data Protection act formalised the requirements for businesses to take care when processing personal data imposing penalties for breaches of the act.

GDPR has increased both the expectations around protecting personal data and its processing and businesses have to up their game to ensure that they comply with the new, enhanced, requirements.

Are you ready for the inevitable data breach? How will you respond? Do you have the process in place to manage the breach and comply with the GDPR?

During a Security event there simply isn’t time to invent processes, identify impacts or implement management procedures. You need to have all that set up in advance in a way that allows you to easily activate the required processes and provides the management information you need.

In an ideal world such a security incident management system should manage everything from capturing the initial security events, allowing escalation to full blown security incidents, provide ready canned process flows and notifications and most importantly be available even if your infrastructure is compromised.


If you are interested in the issues around managing a security incident you may like to read our paper highlighting some of them.

Or Contact Us if you would like to talk to us about how we can help you prepare for the inevitable and maintain your GDPR compliance.

Product Design

The service desk design brief was to develop a product that could underpin the working practices set out in ITIL but also be quickly and easily configured to support current or new working practices using existing terminology. Our approach to implementation is to work closely with our customers, understanding requirements and reasons for change and ensuring that projects exceed expectations.