Briefing Paper: Can Your System Respond to Business Change

Many software vendors will tell you how easy their system is to tailor to your needs but does this tally with your own experience.

In our experience many organisations have business critical solutions in place like Service Desks but cannot afford to maintain them yet alone re-configure them to accommodate the inevitable business change. How well would your existing systems respond to the demands of your business to change? How quickly and easily could your Service Management systems adapt to new requirements and ways of working?

So when evaluating Service Management systems what constitutes a successful decision? How many SME’s are forced to go back to the market much quicker than anticipated not because the product selection was bad but because the hidden costs are prohibitive. This paper considers hidden costs and the reason why easy and rapid Configuration is more important than Customisation and why highly configurable systems reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Please download this guide with our compliments and get in touch if you would like a no-obligation assessment of your current system and how Simplisys Service Desk could help you to lower your IT service costs and improve your levels of customer service.

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Product Design

The service desk design brief was to develop a product that could underpin the working practices set out in ITIL but also be quickly and easily configured to support current or new working practices using existing terminology. Our approach to implementation is to work closely with our customers, understanding requirements and reasons for change and ensuring that projects exceed expectations.