Professional Edition

Ideal for companies that have already adopted service management software, probably tried to utilise Case Management in one of a plethora of CRM tools and found the configuration options and support maturity to be wanting but at the same time do not have a big enough team to adopt a fully ITIL aligned solution.

Or for organisations looking for a HR, Finance or Customer facing type service desk with state of the art reporting and dynamic dashboard functionality.

Purchase additional named and concurrent user licenses as and when required with the option to seamlessly upgrade to Enterprise at any time. All editions include a feature rich automation tool called “ Business Rules Engine” to help Admins to create auto escalation, routing and notifications.


Function Available Function Available
Aligned to ITIL best practise and principles Yes Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Yes
Available as a Hosted Service Yes Assets Yes
Available to be Locally Installed Yes Related Assets Yes
SQL Yes Critical Assets Yes
Browser Support – IE, Edge Yes Services Yes
Browser Support – Chrome, Safari, FirefoNo, Opera Yes Related Services NO
Data Base Search Yes Critical Service Yes
Administration Function Yes Integrated Email Support Yes
Asset Discovery NO Quick emails Yes
Custom Fields Yes Attach Knowledge Articles to outgoing emails Yes
Roles and Permissions Yes Email Templates Yes
Dashboard Yes Global Email Announcements Yes
Interactive Dashboard Yes Knowledge Base Yes
Configurable Dashboard Yes Prompted Articles when logging call Yes
Personal Dashboard Yes Prompted Articles scored for relevance Yes
Combined Hotlist Yes Configurable Customer Self Service Portal Yes
Multiple Dashboards Yes Prompted Self Help Yes
Wallboards Yes Mobile Computing Yes
Incident Management Yes PDA Support > 5” screen Yes
Quick Call Templates Yes iPad Support Yes
Attach Knowledge Articles to Quick Calls Yes Reports Yes
Major Incidents Yes Reporting Services Yes
Link Child Incidents to Incidents Yes Custom Report Building NO
Graphical Workflows in Incidents NO Publish Report to Dashboard Yes
Watch Feature (Working On) Yes Scheduled Reports Yes
Split Incident Feature Yes Client Management Support (Multiple SLA’s and Reports) Yes
Assign Tasks while retaining Ownership Yes VIP Clients Yes
Schedule Tasks Yes VIP Callers Yes
Problem Management NO VIP Location Yes
Major Problem NO Related Manager Yes
Link Problem to Incident and or Change NO Customer Satisfaction Surveys Yes
Graphical Workflows in Problems NO Self Service Portal Yes
Watch Feature NO Custom Look and Feel Yes
Hotlist NO Multiple Themes (Client Look and Feel) Yes
Assign Tasks while retaining Ownership NO Self Service Dashboard Yes
Schedule Tasks NO Multiple Landing Pages per Client (Theme) Yes
Change Management NO Dynamic Knowledge (Self Help) Yes
Major Change NO Roles and Permissions Yes
Link Change to Incident and of Problem NO Add, Update, View Incidents Yes
Assign Tasks while retaining Ownership NO Add, Update, View Changes NO
Graphical Workflows NO SSP Single Sign On (SSO) NO
Watch feature NO Integration Services Yes
Hotlist NO SCCM NO
Schedule Tasks NO Active Directory Yes
Service Level Management NO Email Yes
Business Rules (incident automation tool) Yes

Product Design

The service desk design brief was to develop a product that could underpin the working practices set out in ITIL but also be quickly and easily configured to support current or new working practices using existing terminology. Our approach to implementation is to work closely with our customers, understanding requirements and reasons for change and ensuring that projects exceed expectations.