GDPR: Data Processors Responsibilities

GDPR –Data Processors Responsibilities .

This paper looks at the responsibilities of the Data Processors  should support Data Controllers and the key aspects to Data Processor selection when processing personal data.

The common belief is that data processors have a rather limited liability for the data under their control, after all it’s the responsibility of the data controller to ensure compliance with GDPR. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact Data Processors have most of the same responsibilities as data controllers as well as some specific ones of their own.

The key for data processors is to understand the nature of the data controller’s business and data processing needs and not simply apply a one size fits all solution.

In out next paper we will be providing a handy toolkit that will help you identify whether or not you, as a data controller or data processor, meets the requirements and obligations set out in the GDPR.

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