How will GDPR impact your Service Management Operations?

Should you worry about GDPR?

Maybe, GDPR is a far reaching set of regulations; you might call it Data Protection Act on steroids.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are a set of regulations that give rights to data subjects, the people we support when using our service management tools, and set out the responsibilities of data controllers and data processors, the people controlling and operating the service desk.
This paper investigates if and how the GDPR regulations impact your service desk and the required functionality of the service desk to ensure you can comply with GDPR requirements.

The first thing to consider is, does GDPR even apply to your service desk?

It is almost certain that if you operate, or have others operate a service management system then that will fall within the scope of the GDPR controls.

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The service desk design brief was to develop a product that could underpin the working practices set out in ITIL but also be quickly and easily configured to support current or new working practices using existing terminology. Our approach to implementation is to work closely with our customers, understanding requirements and reasons for change and ensuring that projects exceed expectations.