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Because we offer around-the-clock technical support for critical patient care, our help desk and resolution system must be fast and effective. HEAT helps us to respond quickly and clearly, optimising our support of staff to deliver high-quality medical care.

Doug Witter, Network Assistance Centre Supervisor, Childrens Medical

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Reduce Costs and Increase Production with eMaint X3 CMMS


In these hard economic times there is a particular focus on reducing operational expenditure whilst maintaining or increasing production levels. This is clearly a tough challenge, however for many organisations this can be achieved by investing in eMaint X3 Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

The first step to reducing cost is understanding where maintenance £££’s are spent. This knowledge empowers management to make informed decisions regarding future investments in equipment. Many companies will make 6 figure investments in capital equipment without a firm grasp of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

An example, an organisation runs several Injection Moulding machines from different Manufacturers. A decision has been taken to invest in a new machine to increase production to fulfil the demands of a new contract. After investigating the market 2 machines are shortlisted, both of which are already deployed within your organisation and both on the face of it produce the same production rates and offer the same warranties etc.. Machine “A” is £250k and Machine “B” is £235k which one do you purchase? The most probable answer is machine “B” as it is apparently the same but cheaper. However, if you add to the decision the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of both machines and find that Machine “A” has run faultlessly for 3 years and Machine “B” has cost £45k (15k per annum) to maintain over the same period, which machine do you choose now. Logic tells us now to buy machine “A” the most expensive option as it will be more productive due to less downtime and cost less to own over time. Of course in reality you will have a feel for TCO but by deploying eMaint X3 you will have access the true TCO for any Asset at a click of a button. Moreover knowing TCO helps drive the decision to “End of Life” equipment and initiate the decision to purchase new equipment, starting above cycle again.

Furthermore by understanding the real cost of production per machine/line managers can identify the real value of low margin contracts to the business. Inevitably understanding the true cost of production may identify some loss making contracts which can be reviewed. The solution is in understanding TCO for each capital investment; in short eMaint X3 will empower managers by providing knowledge.

Searching for a CMMS System that will work for your business will take time and resources that many companies just don’t have available. eMaint’s personalised approach, requirements gathering, system configuration , after sales service, and dedication to providing exceptional support to its customers ads to complete customer satisfaction This is evident in eMaint’s annual subscription renewal rate for X3, which has averaged 92% over the past 7 years.

At SimpliSys we understand that all maintenance departments do the same thing differently, unlike competitive products eMaint can be configured to your exact needs very quickly and easily making adoption of the system much quicker; in short we fit eMaint X3 in to your environment, we do not expect the environment to fit eMaint X3.

eMaint X3 is a 100% browser-based CMMS that helps customers track, monitor and control all maintenance and service activities. Reducing downtime and all the costs associated with it. It has all the components that one expects in a fully-featured CMMS- the ability to track asset, capture maintenance costs, control inventory, generate reports and analyse data in order to measure your maintenance effectiveness. It can be as easy as you want it to be, yet as complex as you need it to be. Virtually every aspect of the system can be personalised and configured to align with a client’s workflow requirements, including screen displays, fields, reports, control panels and key performance indicator (KPI) displays.

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